Thursday, January 15, 2009

Digg removed links to upcoming pages. Bug or Feature?

I believe it was the last version that rolled out on December that first had this bug/feature. The upcoming pages of the specific categories does not have the once-were-links to "Most dugg" and "Most comments" pages of the specific category. Instead, if you click those buttons you get the "most" and "commented" pages of the "All topics" category.

I would consider that a (poor) feature, unless the URLs of those links look like there is something broken. They are as they were, except that the category name is missing from them.

The "Programming" category link to upcoming stories with most diggs was once and is now , like someone dropped the pen in the middle of the sentence. The first link still works, and shows the most dugg stories in programming, but it's not linked from the site anymore.

Does anyone knows if this is a bug or a feature? Did you hear or read anything about it? Is this meant to reduce the power of power users? Is another programmer about to lose his job?

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